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Day 4: A little bit pink

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Started the morning with an early morning swim on Waikiki followed by McDs for brekky. Our grand plan for today was to swim in Hanauma Bay followed by a trek up Diamond Head. As it turned out we weren’t able to do either of our planned items on the itinerary because both of the car parks were full and they were turning away visitors.

We decided to do our tomorrow itinerary today and headed for the North Shore. The drive up the east coast of Oahu is absolutely breathtaking. The old volcano craters come right down to the sea. So on the your left hand side you have these monolithic mountains and on the right hand side you have beautiful white sandy beaches and aqua coloured water. Just incredible. Probably one of the most beautiful coastal drives in the world (although I haven’t really done many of them yet so some time later I’ll be able to rank the drive for you all). Anyway an absolute must if you are planning to come to Hawaii.

We did a trek today up the side of one of the mountains to see some of the most amazing views. I have to say that my calves were really feeling it before we even got half way—a good 45min hike and it felt like straight up. Unfortunately so did my skin, it was definite shade of pink after the walk!

Also stopped and saw a blow hole where we also saw a friendly seal hanging out on the rocks. About lunch time we decided that we really needed to go for a swim, so we stopped off at what we thought looked like a great beach with waves! Well to put it bluntly I’m not a good enough swimmer to swim at that beach. The waves were quite large and dumping straight onto the beach. Conductor also decided that he wasn’t up to it either so we decided to pack up and leave. Just as we were leaving a really large wave came in and dumped on all of our gear! Camera, car keys, clothes, towels all got absolutely drenched. We had to go chasing Conductor’s thongs that were being swept out to sea. Lucky for us everything was in working order just very wet!

Eventually we made our way up to Sunset Beach and decided to try to go for a swim again. This time the surf was a bit more sedate and we were able to bob up and down and do our new form of swimming “surge riding”. (Catching the small dumpers in and being sucked back out). Really nice surf with some great waves out the back for the board riders. Sunset and Pipeline have moved up in the world since we were last here. I only remember beach shacks last time I was there, now it has a few more houses but still retains that “sea side village” feel. No big high rises or shops at Pipeline!

Finished off the day by driving as far as we possibly could up to the Northern side of the island to see a beautiful sunset over the ocean! Really, really great day!

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Day 3: Learning to drive (again)

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Day started with a wake up call again for weary (I just can't seem to wake myself up when it gets light!). Conductor had arranged the plan for today with us getting a rental car and going for a drive around the island. Got what we thought was a cheap deal from Thrifty for a small 4 door car, $23 a day! Needless to say once you add on insurance and tax it was closer to $50 a day! Conductor is not allowed to drive from Thrifty because his license is old and damaged, so weary is doing the driving for this trip.

Weary started nervously (packing death is probably closer to the mark) but now feels pretty comfortable driving on the wrong side of the road. Main level of stress is now coming from making sure we find the right street etc!

Left Waikiki early (checked out of our hotel) and decided to check out the western coast line of Oahu. Very interesting drive. Its amazing how close the mountains are to the beaches. We discovered that most people on the western side come from a fairly low socio economic background. This was highlighted when we went looking for a supermarket to buy some bits and pieces for lunch. It would be the dirtiest supermarket I've probably been in. Not just was it dirty but the clientel certainly don't frequent Park Lane.

Bought some yummy tomato and olive flavoured crackers (from the opposition) probably some of the nicest flavour combos I've had on a cracker in a long while (sorry team), some ham and cheese. Continued working our way up the western coast line and finally ended up at the furthest point north (that you can go in a car). Ate our yummy cracker, ham and cheese lunch and went for a couple of swims.

The swim was one I'm sure we'll remember for many years to come. Very close into the shore the ocean surges in and out. Basically the sand bank drops away very quickly, maybe a metre off shore and so you get this effect of the water rushing away (when a wave comes) and rushing in when the wave comes through. Very easy way to body surf,you get a surf out and a surf back in. Weary managed to get herself dumped in about 40 cm of water just from the power of the surf. Absolutely one of the all time great swims in the surf.

Now we've checked in to the Waikiki Circle (100 a night) overlooking Waikiki beach, small but comfortable. We plan to spend tomorrow checking out Hanauma Bay, where you can go snorkelling in a coral lagoon and we'll trek up Diamond Head.

See you all tomorrow.

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Day 2: The High Life

semi-overcast 27 °C
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Believe it or not Conductor and I managed to get some shut eye last night and weren’t woken up regularly to be asked whether we would like something from the trolley. Lights came on in the cabin though at 3am our time (5am hawaii time) to serve brekky. Arrived at our hotel about 10am; Aqua Waikiki Wave (105 per night). Got ourselves into our swimmers and went hunting for Waikiki. Conductor wasn’t at his best and led us a little astray! We finally worked it out and got ourselves down to the beach.

Spent the laziest day ever at Waikiki. We now know how the other half live as we spent a good hour or two just sitting in the Moana Waikiki (probably the nicest hotel on the beach) watching the day go by drinking cocktails and eating a burger (what else in the USA)! I had a lost in translation moment today when we ordered our moana burger the waiter said it came with chips or pineapple coleslaw (?)- I opted for chips and had a real giggle when out came a packet of potato crisps! (Should have remembered that one from last time)

We found another hotel right on the beach for the same price as we are paying here tonight. So tomorrow we are off to the Waikiki Circle. Its directly opposite the beach for only 100 a night!!

Had a really great night, kicked off by watching a free hula concert on Waikiki beach—really amazing how graceful those ladies look. Funny thing happened on the way back to the hotel, weary was walking along behind this really tall beautiful looking woman and commented to conductor on how she would look when she was older (ie looks great now but..). Needless to say Conductor had a great laugh and went on to explain to sheltered old Weary that she was a hooker and that we had just walked passed a couple of them! Well to say that Weary was shocked would have been an understatement. I know you will sympathise with me Tania!

Weary_Feet signing out after our first day on Waikiki

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Day 1: Living up to your name

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Like all good beginnings Weary's began far too early for someone who is now officially unemployed! I set my alarm for a 5.45 wake up (QLD time), and was rudely woken at 5am. As it turned it out if was very lucky for me the hot water service at Tweed makes a racket because of course I needed to get up at 4.45 QLD time or 5.45 NSW time. So although the alarm didn't gently caress me awake (aka Sleep Cycle iPhone App) I got going quickly!!

Unfortunately Book worm had to ditch us for this trip. Poor old Bookie just can't stop coughing and it really wasn't a good idea for her to join us on the journey. Our thoughts and sympathies are with beloved Bookie!! :) So we were three, we're now two- Weary and Conductor.

Flight to Sydney was very uneventful. After arriving, we booked our luggage into a luggage storage place at the airport and decided to take the train into town and go for a wander. We grabbed some lunch (toasties) and decided to sit in a park overlooking Circular Key. The most surprising thing about sitting there for lunch was the amount of school kids out on a school trips- there seemed to be at least a hundred of them wandering around enjoying the harbour!

Conductor lived up to his name and had a plan mapped out for what we could do during the day whilst waiting for our night time flight to Honolulu. Immediately after lunch we boarded a ferry to Taronga with our plan being that we would walk around to Mossman and board the ferry back to CC. Walk was really beautiful around the base of Taronga—just feels like you are bushwalking but in the city! So quiet the only noise we could hear was each other and the birds. Followed the trail all the way around to Mossman where we decided to stop and have a beer at Mossman Rowers Club. Great way to have a break for a few minutes; the club is right on the water (surprise, surprise being a rowing club) right in the heart of Mossman. Grabbed ourselves a table on the deck and just leaned back and soaked in the serenity. Speaking of serenity I was quite surprised to find plenty of castles in Mossman—in fact one of the buildings on the point is called the “Castle” and boy does it look like it. Conductor and I could only lament on how the other half live..

At this point, we decided to keep on walking with a plan to walk all the way around to Neutral Bay (for those who don’t know Syd it’s a couple of bays further around towards North Syd). I have to say that the walk around to NB was one of the nicest ways to kill a few hours in Syd. Really, really gorgeous houses to drool over and lots of wild life to keep you entertained. A definite must for all of those Syd siders reading this blog who want something to do on a lazy Sunday.

Needless to say I’ve managed to live up to my name today—my feet might be killing me but the walk was definitely worth the effort! Ferried back to CC and trained back to the Airport.

Definitely the best part of the day was spent walking! Arrived at the terminal to discover an hour long line up for check-in!!!!!! I just don’t understand the mentality of Jetstar.. They were checking in two int’l flights at the same desk- Bali and Honolulu- with both leaving at about the same time???? There were a total of 5 check in desks for us plebs in economy and 2 check in desks for the hob-nobs in Starclass (the business equiv).. Now work through my logic there are at least 20 times the number of passengers in economy as there are in business so how do you work on a check in ratio of 2:5?? (And then Jetstar gets all grumpy if you check in late………)

Finally, finally got our passes.. I’m sure everyone can sympathise with lining up for boarding passes for that long.. Went thru customs and started hunting for something for dinner (good old Jetstar is a low cost carrier remember—no tasty treats included), well to put it bluntly, dinner in the Int’l terminal is not cheap! Conductor and I had to end up eating at the Golden Arches because everywhere else charged like a wounded bull.. I refuse to eat takeaway at a cost of >$20 a meal!

Rushed our dinner (because check-in took so long we had to pretty much “go to the gate” as soon as we got thru Customs) and then rushed down to our gate to discover another ridiculously long line up! I mean what is the point of having 4 people on the boarding desk but only one machine open for ticket reading?????? I think by now you can probably guess my mood..

Got on board (all seats full) and then spent an hour sitting at the gate whilst maintenance fixed a “minor aircond fault”………….. AWWWWWWW…………. I managed to score a seat next to seem really annoying yanks who decided to get out of their seats about every 10 mins “to stretch their legs!!”- lucky for me the seat in front was spare and the nice lady sitting in it was happy to let me swap—there is a god!

Anyway time for Weary_Feet to sign out and get some shut eye! Sweet dreams everyone (mine is going to be punctuated by “would you like anything from the trolley love?” or something to that effect!)

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Day 0- Packing Up

rain 25 °C

Hectic day at the Dunham's. Started early with Weary driving down to Tweed. Traffic and weather pretty poor. Book worm is not doing well, poor old book worm has spent the day coughing up half a lung, here's hoping old bookie is on the mend or she might find it to be a poor old holiday. Conductor has been at his finest today ensuring we are packed and ready to go!

Lunch was spent with the Rachs, Other Dunham's and Nanna down at Fish and Chips park-- the usual on order.

Off tomorrow at first light to Sydney with transit to Honolulu about 6pm tomorrow. Action packed day planned in Sydney (we're checking out what is on at the movies in George St!!).

Weary signing out for the first blog.. Feedback is welcome although may not necessarily be actioned!! :)

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